About Kateryna:

Kateryna Ostrovska (aka Rosa Morena Russa) was born in south of Russia in a family of classical musicians and moved later with them to Kiew (Ukraine). Her first instrument was a guitar, which she learned by herself, and her first memory of public performing was playingguitar and singing during the ceremony of the first school day. Later she received classical training on piano and became a performer in Jewish children’s musical theater at the age of13, where she first got in touch with Klezmer and Yiddish culture, which was not really present in her secular and assimilated family. In this theater she made her first Europe touring experience, performing in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France.

In the age of 17 she moved to Germany were she finished Hamburg School of Music, took private lessons with American gospel singer Joanne Bell and continued performing Klezmer music. Later on she discovered Brazilian music and went to Rio to learn playing Brazilian guitar, cavaquinho and Brazilian percussion instruments. She made several releases with Deep House DJs (among others Brazilution 2009), 2013 she released her first solo album with own compositions “Esta ficando Russo”, the genre was called “Bossa Russa Nova” because of exotic blend of Eastern European and Brazilian music and lyrics. The album was highly considered by the print media and radio and called “a perfect multi-cultural mixture”. 2014 being a part of Hamburg Klezmer Band she produced an album “Tunklgold” which was also lauded by media as a “great combination of tradition and modernity”. Kateryna keeps performing in Europe with her “Rosa Morena Russa Band” and also with her new project “Azoy Bacana”, an international fusion band of Eastern European and North Brazilian Music. 2017 she was a guest professor for world music at Hamburg School of Music and came back to perform in Rio as Rosa Morena Russa with some well-known Brazilian musicians.

Contact Kateryna: mail@rosamorena.de